with Jamshid Hamta
Josè Sorbello
Abdul Rasak
Ursel Kramer
Flora Kurz
Maria Heinz
directing Matthias Kosmehl
cinematography Bastian Esser
editing Andreas Nicolai
sound Matthias Kosmehl
shootingformat 1:1,85/ HD
genre documentary
duration 80 min
production Matthias Koßmehl Filmproduktion
Bayerischer Rundfunk
redaktion Dr. Claudia Gladziejewski
„Café Waldluft” is not what it used to be. Once a tourist hot spot nestling in the picturesque mountains of Bavaria it turned out to be a run-down hotel with a few remaining guests in their late sixties. But there is something very unique about the place: it offers shelter to refugees from all across the globe. For each one of them it bares the hope of a new beginning, the aspiration of a new home - waiting somewhere behind a multitude of obstacles. So what does it take for them to arrive for good? What doesn't it really take for a place to become home?


directing Danilo Caputo
cinematography Bastian Esser
set design Alessandra Guttagliere
sound Gianluigi Gallo
shootingformat 1:2,35/ HD
genre feature film
duration 78 min
production Fortuna Mosca
Alessandra Ondeggia
Franco Caputo

Taratata Film/ Italy
Una mezza stagione insolitamente torrida in un anonimo paese della provincia pugliese. La quotidianità, stagnante e trascinata, viene bruscamente intaccata dal ritrovamento di un neonato abbandonato in un cassonetto. Nel paese sconvolto tutti cominciano a guardarsi attorno, domandandosi “chi è stato?”. Emergono così alla superficie personaggi le cui storie entrano in collisione o si sfiorano impercettibilmente. La Mezza Stagione traccia così il ritratto cupo e insieme leggero di un’apocalisse minore: quella di un mondo logorato dalla tensione tra modernità e tradizione contadina, un microcosmo denso di nevrosi e scandali taciuti, un posto dove niente è ciò che sembra e dove tutti gli indizi sembrano condurre a nulla... finché una vecchia bambola non svelerà il segreto.
unfinished italy


with Damiano Nasselli
Josè Sorbello
Andrea Masu
Roberto Festa
Matteo Erenbourg
Salvatore/ Michele Cammerata
Alessandro Mustaccio
Marco Dandrea
Carmelo Caruso
directing Benoit Felici
cinematography Bastian Esser
editing Milena Holzknecht
sound/ 1st AC Philipp Grieß
2nd AC Loris Rizzo
music Pasquale Bardaro and Rosa Balistreri
sound design Sven Kurt Albertini
format 1:2,35/ HD
genre documentary
duration 32 min
production ZeLIG/ Italy/ 2010/
festivals 2013 2 months Projection at Therme di Diocleziano, together with the sculptures of Paolo delle Monace, Rome, Italy
festivals 2012 (selection) Biennale di architecture di Venezia (rassegna design on screen)
2nd at CILECT international festival (competition mandible dell scull del cinema)
WINNER at FIFE Paris/ 29. Festival international du film d'environnement/ best short documentary
ECOdays Ferrara
festivals 2011 (selection) Cork Film Festival
WINNER at Les Écrans Documentaires/ students competition
Primed Marseille/ Prix International du Documentaire et du Reportage Méditerranéen
ENVIRONMENTAL ANTHROPOLOGY AWARD| Special Mention - CineÉco film Festival- Seia, Portugals
CNEX Documentary Film Festival
l'Alternativa Barcelona
WINNER at Sedicicorto International Film Festival/
best film Cortitalia and special mention CNC (Centro nazionale cortometraggio)
WINNER at Adana Golden Boll Film Festival/ best documentary (mediterranean short film award)
Milano Film Festival
22nd Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival
RIVER Film Festival/ Italy
WINNER at Lago Film Fest/ best italian documentary film
Cinemambiente Torino/ 14th Environmental Film Festival
WINNER at Documenta Madrid/ 8th Festival Documentarles de Madrid
Indie Lisboa/ 8th Internatinal Independent Film Festival
Dokfest München/ Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival
Sehsüchte/ 40. Internationales Studentenfilmfestival der HFF Konrad Wolf Potsdam-Babelsberg
Le voci dell'inchiesta/ Pordenone
WINNER at Riff/ Rome Independant Film Festival/ Best Italian Documentary Film
33rd International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand/ International Competition
WINNER at 23rd Premiers Plans Anger/ Students Award
Italy, home of ruins: A foray into the unfinished, Italy's most prominent architectural style between the end of WW2 and the present day. Buildings in a limbo between perfection and nothingness, given up on halfway through their construction, fallen into ruin before they were ever used, are an integral part of the Italian architectural landscape: Stadiums without potential value of unfinished buildings in Italy and of man's ability to adapt them to his everyday needs. These ruins, whose future has already passed and whose present carries the taste of an eternal wait, act as an invitation to meditate about time.


with Roger Vilder
directing Antoine Favre
cinematography Bastian Esser
editing Laura Froidefond
sound Benoit Felici
genre documentary
duration 20 min
production Joao Guimaraes/ France
«Pulsation» is a documentary about the contemporary artist Roger Vilder. Considered as a major artist of kinetic art and a pioneer in digital art, Roger Vilder always worked in same aesthetic . Through the development of a piece for an exhibition, we will discover this artiste and the things that mean something for him.
am ende der wiese


with Robert Bachinger
directing Michael Kranz
Pauline Roenneberg
Ariane Schröder
cinematography Bastian Esser
editing Gaby Kull-Neujahr
sound Michael Kranz
Pauline Roenneberg
Ariane Schröder
sounddesign Christoph von Schönburg
soundmix Eberhard Weckerle
format 1:1,78/ HD
genre documentary
duration 72/ 54 min
production: HFF Munich/ Germany/ 2009
website HFF München
Am Ende der Wiese…. sieht die Welt ganz anders aus. Umgeben von selbstgebauten Schrottfiguren, bunten Lichtern, liebevoll zusammengetragenen Seltsamkeiten und eigenen Erfindungen lebt hier der weißbärtige “Graf” Robert Bachinger mit seiner Hündin Bambolina in einem alten Zirkuswagen. Tagsüber tuckert er auf seinem kleinen Traktor mit 6 kmh durch die Dörfer und sammelt Schrott, nachts sitzt er allein auf seiner kleinen Insel, spielt Gitarre und singt seine Lieder. Sie handeln von Menschen, von Tieren, von Schmerz und Glück, von Freiheit und von Einsamkeit. Denn wenn das Gras hoch ist, im Spätsommer, packt ihn das Fernweh, und er möchte hinaus in die weite Welt. Aber da ist ja Bambolina, die er nicht allein lassen kann, und plötzlich ist da noch jemand anderes, der ihn braucht….


directing Giulia Attanasio
cinematography Bastian Esser
editing Francesca Scalisi
sound Michele Lezza
Giulia Attanasio
Manuela Wilpering
grip Philipp Grieß
format 1:1,78/ SD
genre documentary
duration 30 min
production ZeLIG/ Italy/ 2009
In the city of Bolzano, in Italy, a country whose right wing groups are growing everyday, the camera enters for an ideal night in a bar where a group of militants meets. The film tries to reproduce the atmosphere full of contraddictions, without explaining the deep reasons of this phenomenon. It works on an emotional level. The result is a disquieting portrait, leaving everyone free to judge and reflect about what lives beside us.
After Casa Pound brought a charge against ZeLIG, the film cannot be shown in puplic.
Pater Noster


directing Valentina Pedicini
cinematography Bastian Esser
editing Kathrin Dietzel
assistant editing Sven Kurt Albertini
sound Kathrin Dietzel
format 1:1,78/ SD
genre documentary
duration 17 min
production ZeLIG/ Italy/ 2008
An isolated community of 15 catholic Shaolin monks in the mountains of Bolzano. A young woman that made a radical choice in order to follow her dream and her Master. Laura, Kung Fu champion and warrior with a mystic vocation made a 10 year path of merciless training, meditation and life in an unordinary family. We lived by her side and what came out of it is a film as ambiguous, painful and courageous as her story.
Bastian Esser Film 1



Workshops ARD/ ZDF Medienakademie:
- Reportage
- Media coverage of war and crises


Workshops BLS:
- RAW-workflow and data-managing
- Production

2007 - 2010

Diploma at ZeLIG - school for documentary
Bolzano / Italy


Exchange-program SRFTI Calcutta / India

2003 - 2006

Various internships
inter alia Panther GmbH - camera rental


German (native speaker)
English (expert)
Italian (expert)
Bastian Esser Film 1
different TV broadcasts for the German Television,
ARD-Studio Tel Aviv, responsible for Israel and
Palestine and ARD-Studio Wien, responsible for
the Balkans. Some broadcasts include additional
material from other cameraman.


with Flo

idea/ cinematography/ editing

Bastian Esser
genre travel documentary

format 1:1,78/ HD

duration 27 min.

production Greece/ Egypt (11/2010)

Einer von uns

directing Elisa Bolognini
Antonio Belia
Marzia Mete
Valentina Monti
Gianfranco Pannone
Andreas Pichler
cinematography Tarek Ben Abdallah
Bastian Esser
and others
duration 52 min
genre TV-documentary
production Miramontefilm/ ZDF/ ARTE 2010
website ARTE

Seit 30 Jahren prägt Silvio Berlusconi die Italienische Gesellschaft, seit 15 Jahren dominiert er die Politik. Im Dezember 2009 gingen durch den Aufruf eine Facebook Gruppe mit dem Namen Popolo Viola - Violettes Volk - fast 1 Million Menschen auf die Strasse um den Rücktritt Berlusconis zu fordern. Doch trotz Skandalen und Prozessen ist seine Popularität in weiten Teilen der Bevölkerung ungebrochen. So wie der seiner stärksten Verbündeten im rechten Regierungslager, die separatistische Lega Nord, die bei jeder Wahl mehr Stimmen erhält. Wer sind die Menschen in Italien, die immer weiter Rechts wählen und Berlusconi unterstützen?

Squeezed like lemons

directing Antonio Bellia
Marzia Mete
Valentina Monti
Andreas Pichler
duration 52 min
genre TV-documentary
production Miramontefilm/ ZDF/ ARTE/ SFI/ Rai/ BLS/ Media 2013
website ARTE

The ecconomic crises and the consequences of the strict austerity policies of the current technocratic government have hit the Italian people hard. Tax offices are being occupied by force while business people are taking their own lives in despair. The parliamentary elections due at the beginning of 2013 will stoke up and intensify the climate in the autumn months, excacerbating the ongoing political and cultural crisis; new parties and movements will spring up, while old ghosts might just rise up. No Man's Land documents the mood in Italy from the point of view of those whose existence is threatened by the political and economical crisis.
Bastian Esser Film 1
Bastian Esser Film 1

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